Driver CPC


Duration – 1 x 7 hour or 2 x 3.5 hour
Cost £60 + VAT and £8.75 DVSA upload fee no VAT, pay online or on the day with prior arrangement

Our courses are JAUPT Approved and appreciate the importance of candidates’ Continual Personal Development, therefore can tailor some modules to incorporate companies’ procedures and policies. Courses are classroom based either at Bay Travel Lochgelly or on there site with the correct facilities.

Minimum 4 candidates on all CPC courses, any less and the course will not go ahead. You can arrange another date and any driver failing to attend after the start of the course will not be able to request a refund. These courses can be delivered at Bay Travel or your premises. Start time will 08:00 registration starts at 07:30 all drivers must bring the driving licence and DCQ card.

Following completion of each module drivers’ details will be uploaded to the DSA database. Once 35 hours have been recorded (EU Directive requirements) the DSA will issue drivers with their Driver Qualification Card DQC

Quick Question : Do you professionally drive an LGV for a company? Is your Drivers CPC included? Check your licence as everyone who drives LGV's professionally should have completed there Drivers CPC.

Questions we are often asked....

What is Drivers CPC?
The driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a requirement for LGV drivers who drive professionally throughout the UK. This course is designed to improve the knowledge & skills for LGV drivers throughout their working lives.

If I leave the Driving Industry, will I need to resit my Driver CPC when it expires before I can start back in the Driving Industry?
Yes before you are able to continue in the Transport Industry you are required to complete the 35 hours of approved training.

Who will the Driver CPC affect?
Drivers CPC affects all professional drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

I have an LGV Licence & work for an agency occasionally, this is not my main job. Do i need Drivers CPC?
Yes if you are driving professionally for any length of time you are required to have CPC. This is not based on the amount of hours worked, it is the type of driving undertaken.

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