ADR - Dangerous Goods

ADR Initial with 28 Driver CPC hours - Duration 5 days - Cost £590 per person - Price includes VAT, SQA & DSA upload fees and ID Card.

Details as above with no Driver CPC hours included.

Quick Question: If you have your ADR ID Card do you know when it expires? See below for further information.

Questions we are often asked...

Do you need an LGV Licence to do the ADR Course?
You do not require an LGV Licence to apply for the ADR Course.

Can I add additional training courses to my ADR Certificate?
Yes you can add training courses on to your existing ADR Card by attending the relevant courses & passing the examinations. A new ADR Driver Training Certificate will be issued with the same expiry date as the original copy. The additional courses are only valid until this date & can be renewed along with the rest of ADR Driver Training Certificate.

How often do I need to refresh my ADR Certificate?
Candidates who hold an ADR Driver Training Card for a minimum of 4 years to attend refresher training. To allow enough time for the Candidates training & examinations to be processed & issue a new ADR Driver Training Certificate, the candidate should have a minimum of 6 weeks left from the date of their last examination to the expiry of their current certificate. If the candidate is successful the expiry date will be 5 years from the current expiry displayed on the ADR Photocard Certificate.
For Refresher training candidates will only receive training on the modules covered by their existing ADR Drivers ID Card.

I have lost my ADR ID Card, am i able to receive a replacement?
Yes you can receive a replacement ADR ID Card but there will be a £10 charge for this service. You will need to contact the SQA for further information.

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